Lorena De Leon

Las Vegas VIP Companion

An inspirational quote By Pope John xxIII.. We all need affirmations.. No Matter what Denomination

“Consult not your fears but your hopes and your dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in, but with what it is still possible for you to do.”

― Pope John XXIII

banner to my great trip and to book with the one and only Lovely Lorenalas vegas

banner to my great trip and to book with the one and only Lovely Lorenalas vegas

As Las Vegas Top GFE I welcome you into How I live life as Lovely Lorena De Leon

Lorena De Leon - sexy butt w/ Tattoo

Lorena De Leon – sexy butt w/ Tat

As an established Companion in Las vEgas I take pride inn living each day to the fullest!

Many people wonder about how a companion lives on a day to day basis.
I cant speak for others . I will speak on my behalf

I live life on lifes terms.Im not motivated by greed nor anomosity. I live as a woman that wants to strive to be the best she can be. I take my companionship in las vegas seriously. I stay healthy mind,body,spirit. I surround myself with healthy people that are like minded. Motvated to succeed in whatever adventure they undertake. I shy away from those that are not positive influences on me or society.
there are many misconceptions about what brings us into this industry. I can say for certainty that I would never have in a million years thoughht that in my late 30’s believed I would be one of Las Vegas top tier /reviewed companions,courtesans,GFE whatever you want to call it. :-)

My 20’s were not in this industry and I am grateful that my 20’s were so blessed and my life was charmed. I had n problems nor do I now.. My poinnt iis that I dont think I would have been as healthy minded had I started this industry in my 20’s..
I learned to live wit passion and with no boundaries or limitations in my 20’s .. I rocked ,I am generation X to the fullest. I got tattoos when they wwere not an every day occurance as they are today.. I lived !!! I mean I lived!!! lol..I surfed, I worked hard,played hard.saw the great things life had to offer as a civvie. I ran and operated a successful business in a small town and I loved it!!

lived by my own rules!
Now, I am accountable to another human being.. yes , one of lifes beauties.. offspring, as everyone knows that being a fulltime parent is not easy ..yet worthwhile more than any job in this world..
I have made sacrifices.. Im proud of my sacrifices.. I am where I am today because I feel my journey is one of inspiration, plus dedication..
i will continue to blog about how I am so grateful for all the people I have encountered and for the ones I am about to meet..
stay tuned my blogging has just begun to spring into full mode

lovingly las vegas lovely lorena


lovely lorena
Las vEgas

I just Returned From An amazing 10/10 trip to Amsterdam and London

Thank You to a very special man that has changed how I view the world..I ve always lived as though the world is my oyster and a pearl is within all ..
yes, I have been blessed by many friends,couples,and some of the most genuine ,loving ,sincere gentleman..
Ive been able to travel to Cabo,Chicago,NyC,Aruba etc..

The one that will probably (ih hate to say Ill never see anyplace else) is my trip to Amstrdam and London..
Not only was I privy to fly 1st class from the entire flight from Las vegas but also , to Europe.. Some may not realize the enormity or scarf at that.. yet, this woman is honored ,humbled,and plain out grateful !!

The man I speak of is so special and has treated me like his queen.. some may say the hobby holds no love f..I strongly deny .
I dont want to speak more of this person because I dont want him to make our cenario public.. yet, Mr ? do know you are a once in a lifetime

Good things come to those who wait..I strongly believe in karma and having had been touched by many angels and saints.. you are priceless!!

much adoration and love from your little slixa woman :-))
xoxo Lovely Lorena aka Lorena De leon

Dont Forget to view my candid videos Lorena de leon aka Lovely Lorena LV

youtube!! Im google plus friendly and social networking keeps me “me” and honest in my sexy lifestyle!


How I love to be on the arm of a gracious,generous gentlaman.
Im a fun spirited  woman that is very exotic (portuguese/swedish) and sexually uninhibited and free spirit.


Las Vegas Best GFElayng down in red

Featured website on Datecheck.!! ll92285.. Lorena de Leon aka Lovely Lorena LV Nevada

Only A true Las Vegas Courtesan

There is only One Lovely Lorena .. Its me Im in Las Vegas.. Please keep your eyes out for a lady trying to be me in the state of Florida.. Unfortunately, Datecheck cannot remove her yet,many have been contactng me about her


Im  getting trademarked due to women such as her !! If you want  more information on this situation please email me direct at eroticlorena@gmail.com

I guess this is par for the course.. yet, it really pushes my buttons when some person(agency) wants to try and jump on another womans toes and cover up the face this woman and give the allusion that you are meeting with me a very reputable,sincere, true Companion


please keep in mind that this occurs with lots of successful ladies and in order to sometimes get to the bottom of stuff such as this a voice needs to be heard


Again, I am in Las Vegas NOT Florida (tampa ,orlando) the person pretending to be me is under Laura on eros and cant completely get her story straight.. I have my domain name www.lovelylorena.com and obviously my blog


my reviews can be found via research and unfortunately She is using my name on Date-check


www.lovelylorena.com my face is unobstructed and my website and reputation is me

this impersonator doesnt deserve anymore time from me .. Please be cautious if you dont see my face and it doesnt have http://www.lovelylorena.com .. Its not me!!


on a happier and more illustrious note please find me as the voice of geishadiaries.com

Lovely Lorena De Leon

escort Biographies

I cant Believe it!! I just came across I am a TOP Escort…

I will be posting it..Im having a few issues with my computer but I am enjoying being the voice of Geishaaffairs.com/Verticalkitty.. escort biographies.


i must thank many people for helping me to achieve many success and accomplish goals that without all the above websites and networking and twitter @lovelylorena702

great pictures etc.I would not have been able to sit here and give thanks..

Please keep an eye out ..My new computer Ill be loading a bunch of behind the scenes pics and new videos!!

A true Courtesan

A true Courtesan

I love this song and had to just post on my blog.. I horny ..Lets Do it!


Enjoy and think of me with just the music!!

xoo Lorena De Leon .. The Lovely Lorena of Las Vegas.. The ultimate Las vegas experience


Always on twitter @lovelylorena702

Happy Mother’s Day from Lorena

If you have a mom, there is nowhere you are likely to go where a prayer has not already been.

― Robert Brault

What An Honor to be Part of Geisha Affairs.. and Vertical Kitty

A true Courtesan

I was honored to be able to be the voice of he new Biographies as a true courtesan on the mesmerizing and fortuitous and keeping ladies and Gents in the know


Please see Geisha Affairs. I will be adding a link to my Blog here once I get a moment to stop all the hussle and bussle.

There is a lot of activity going on www.Geishaaffairs.com

Thank you to all that participate and are proactive..


Again, so much thanks to  Geisha affairs and Vertical Kitty





Lovely Lorena De Leon

A true Courtesan

A true Courtesan

My thoughtful quote.. Happy Belated Easter ,Passover,and I guess those that are 420 happy

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.

― Epicurus


I felt in this day and age and this adult industry this is very true.. why comprae what one doesnt have to what others do.. ?  why not enjoy where we are today and what the law of attraction has brought into your reality?



Lorena de Leon aka Lovely Lorena