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My thoughtful quote.. Happy Belated Easter ,Passover,and I guess those that are 420 happy

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.

― Epicurus


I felt in this day and age and this adult industry this is very true.. why comprae what one doesnt have to what others do.. ?  why not enjoy where we are today and what the law of attraction has brought into your reality?



Lorena de Leon aka Lovely Lorena

My First New Glamour Picture For March 2014. Aria Penthouse suite.. life is grand


Happy First Official Day Of Spring 2014

I hope all my friends on the East coast are staying warm and  starting to feel the beauty of Spring!!!

I have to finally say ..My New Pictures should be up on my Gallery soon ,My video is done, and Im ready to now focus all my time on You

Hopefully, my webmaster will be able to get some updates to my website  www.lovelylorena.com soon..

He worked very hard hard on the video.. Its definately me without all the glam.. I need to make sue there is some discretion and safety purposes

I would love anyone ‘s input into any of my pictures , my website ,my video.

Im going to go enjoy the phenomenal weather.. in the meantime stay posted on all to come..

I adore all my new friends ,past friends, and definately a special one that helped to make my new pictures a defianate onnce in a lifetime at the Aria Penthouse Suites

My photographer Iseesexy.com,my new make up artist who helped me to bring out that woman glamorous woman I sometimes forget I am..

xoxo Lovely Lorena De

Beauty Is In the Eye Of The Beholder..Thank you o my Dear friend for this sketch

Thank You  For this exquisite Sketch Done By an Artist Friend


Little Did I Know There is an International Womans Day! Thank You For Someone Sending Me this

Dear Women,

We warmly congratulate you on the occasion of Women’s Day. Today, all of us express our love and respect to you by clearly realizing that the solicitude towards you should never be limited by this day only.

All the successes have been possible thanks to firm family values and the most active involvement of women in all the spheres of public life. The role that women play in the society is invaluable. We are confident that the women’s involvement will continue growing and will foster the development and strengthening of the World.

We wish mothers, ladies, sisters and daughters boundless love, happiness, firm footholds in life and recurrent successes.

my new pictures.. Not my favorite.. new photorapher but ill post them as they get sent to me

strike a pose

strike a pose

A thoughtful quote I would like to share this morning .March 6 2014

strike a pose

…people change, even good people, if they get the wrong thing in their head. And not everything is always what it looks like and sometimes just because one person looks weak, they might be very strong, and another person might look like a spooky freak but he might be one of the kindest people you’d ever meet. And I guess I learned that time is slippery… We have to enjoy every second, love with all our hearts, all we can, while we can.

― Lee Thompson

My Samsung Telephone Screen Was Smashed.. I Apologize For Any Inconvenience

I never realized how much I rely on my telephone.  Right before My photo shoot on Friday I was rushing around getting clothes in order and trying to get all my  final finishing touches ready for a very important photo shoot..

next thing you know crunch and I looked down . the marble floors and my phone screen did not have a glorious meeting. lol

The screen was totally ruined.. Long story short.. If I have not responded to a text or recognize a phone number .”Im sorry” : (

My next profession will  be learning how to fix Ipad/I phones :-) great business.. very lucrative. :-)

So, I should be back in order by tuesday the 25th of Feb..

on a   happier note…My photo shoot was well done and I had a great time working with the magnificent Eddie Hundreds..He is an exceptionally professional photographer . He also, listens to what you aspire to portray through your visual persona. As Lovely Lorena De Leon I am a mature woman that is striking beautiful yet,warm hearted and  I adore the reputation I have earned..  My friends deserve to see me as i am in different environments and settings.. There are so Many beautiful young woman entering this industry and I hope to continue to be a positive role model.

I Look forward to starting to present my new pictures.  At the same time I am working  on adding a live visual of myself.. Eroticvideo by David Allen is working with me to show a glimpse of my personality through a few minutes of video.

I take my persona seriously and want to convey that my inner spirituality helps me to overcome any fears of not presenting myself in the best light.. Pictures and video are definately demanding . The pressure I place on myself sometimes is TOO much and I have to sit back and breathe and realize I am only me.. many people try to emulate me and thank you.. thank god that Im grounded and let go and let god direct me. If I feel insecure ..I stop ..breathe and remember I love myself and that love spills over into my reputation and consistancy as true thru  and true  provider here in Las Vegas..

Thank you to all that has been supportive, loving,and mentored me lately

I wanted to add a fun quote from one of the most beautiful woman in my eyes..Marilyn Monroe.. A woman that was seen and judged by her outside and unfortunately she didnt realize what an asset and amazing woman to this world .

so here is one of her statements I felt apros pos (misspelled ofcourse lol.. if I was the best writer /perfect technologically,etc) I probably would no have entered into this world..haha.. I love when a woman says she has to BA ,masters,author,well traveled ..yet,is here because she loves it.. wrong.. we all came here at a crossroad .No lil girl says I want to be a companion /GfE/hooker when I grow up..ha ha ha .. Im falling off topic.. here comes the quote

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”
Marilyn Monroe

Have a wonderful Monday morning and lets have a great week

Lovingly and loyally

Lovely Lorena De Leoncropped-pg-header1.jpg

Lorena De Leon All In One Night : DelMonicos David Copperfield, Christian Louboutin and Mr.?

How does a woman start to begin with an evening that started with My ATFA (personal nickname)

Dinner at Delmonicos..steak tartare, Romantic environment with a friend that has become a very important person to me .. someone who has shared his lucky star with me.

Out of the blue took me for a pair of my favorite shoemaker .Known as Red Bottoms .. official name Christian Louboutin,Lou Bou to others..

than off to David Copperfield.. as I now like to call him “Coppafeel” lol..

during his show which I have never in my entire time in las  Vegas have ever seen.. that is crazy right there..

who does he pick from the audience ? myself and a woman from Brazil..hmm.does he have a thing for Dark hair women from south America?

your guess is as good as mine .wink

nevertheless, I was quite nervous but I guess others enjoyed my walk onto the stage….

Mister ? ended our evening with the way every evening should tastefully sensual.. This friend has become someone who I feel was godsend.. He is not just a man I met last year but a man I look up to ,admire, acknowledges me as not just for my aesthetics but for my brains, my spiritual side,my silly side,my loving manner and I am forever grateful that he and I have crossed paths and I dont plan on our paths seperating..

thank you Mister ?  .Your privacy is sacred and I will be wearing my shoes in my new pictures and on our next escape to paradise

Enjoy your travels and the other beautiful women

xoxo Lorena De leon

Lorena De Leon in Red Bottoms on my long legs

Red Bottoms on my long legs

Lorena De Leon another angle with sexy shoes

Lorena De Leon another angle with sexy shoes

Hail to the V!! Happy Valentines Day. Please see my post on The erotic Review

“People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.”

― George Bernard Shaw

Sometimes a woman just needs to express how she feels through others great words of wisdom
Lovely Lorena

a little funny post .. We all have to have sense of humor and spirituality